Hawley Retainer

h-perfectSmileThe Hawley retainer is a wire retainer which typically surrounds 6 teeth and keeps them in place. It also allows for minor adjustments to the teeth for occlusion improvement.

Invisible Retainer

Invisible retainers are produced out of clear PVC material and are similar to ClearCorrect which we offer for treatment. They keep the teeth from moving while also allowing the patient to have confidence in their smile!

Fixed/Permanent Retainer

Depending on your bite after orthodontic treatment, you may do well with a permanent retainer. This is a retainer that is bonded across the back of either the top or bottom front teeth, depending on what Dr. Speck thinks would be best.

Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders are appliances used to widen the upper jaw of a patient so that the upper and bottom teeth will align properly. Its use is primarily with children, but use in adults has also proven successful, though potentially less comfortably so.

Quad Helix

A Quad Helix is a cemented appliance that connects to the molars by 2 bands and has 2 or 4 active helix springs. It can be used to widen the arch of the mouth to make room for crowded teeth or correct a posterior cross-bite. It is typically used for patients in mixed dentition, cleft patients, and thumb-suckers.

Carriere Distalizer

This appliance produces a light, uniform force to produce an ideal Class I platform for further treatment. It's normally used before braces are put on so that no competing forces will be working on the teeth while it works to distalize the molars and premolars.


Biteplanes are appliances that cover the occlusal surfaces (where the bite touches on teeth) of the teeth so they can't be brought into contact. This helps keep your teeth from wearing down while you wear it!

Habit Breaker

Habit Breakers do exactly what their name implies! We have appliances used to keep patients from sucking their thumbs as well as night guards that defend against the pain and tooth erosion caused by bruxism (teeth-grinding).


Open posterior bites can often be closed through use of elastics that wrap around the individual brackets. They work by pulling the teeth together, and, when used properly, can speed up the process of treatment.


Separators, also known as spacers, are small rubber bands or metal appliances that create space between teeth. They are typically used in one of the first orthodontic appointments to create space for bands used during orthodontic treatment, however, they may be used in other situations to create space for any other treatment purpose.

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