What Sets Us Apart


h-bracesWe offer free and secure Wi-Fi to our patients and their families. Stop by the front desk to get the network name and password!

Access to Dr. Speck at Any Time

We have an open office with no doors between the waiting room and the treatment room. Parents are always welcome in the treatment room to observe their child’s appointments. We encourage patients and parents (and kids!) to ask any questions they have about treatment while Dr. Speck is working on them or their child. We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible about the treatment process.

Shuttle Service

We understand that parents need to get to work on time. To help your day run smoothly, we offer a free shuttle service to schools within a 5-mile radius every weekday morning. To see a list of schools, visit our Office Policies page under the Our Office tab. Just drop off your child, and when their appointment is over, we will drop them off at school with an excuse for absence.

Fun Atmosphere

We play a wide range of music in our office, from classic rock to country and from oldies to today’s hits, all from Dr. Speck’s personal music library. After your braces adjustment, stop by the front desk to pick up a complimentary pack of gum! Chewing gum in the first 20 minutes after an appointment is proven to significantly reduce the pain from fixed appliances.

Conservative Treatment Approach

Dr. Speck believes there are some procedures best treated in the mixed dentition (typically during ages 7 to 9). These procedures include palatal expansion, crossbite correction, and opening space for permanent tooth eruption when a baby tooth has been lost early and the space for the permanent tooth has closed. He also likes to minimize treatment at this age as he feels not many 7-to-9-year-olds keep their teeth clean enough to justify treatment. He's also wary of the fact that early treatment may lead to orthodontic burnout when the time for the second, comprehensive stage of treatment comes. Most cases can be treated in a shorter period of time, with less expense, less chance of decay due to poor hygiene, and less running around for the parents if cases are started a little later.


For our patients in retention who have removable retainers, we will sterilize your retainers after you’ve been sick at no charge. We want our patients to stay healthy and understand that standard at-home methods for cleaning retainers might not be sufficient for killing germs from illnesses. If you would like us to sterilize a retainer after recovering from an illness, please call our office.

Themed Office

A lush bed of leafy-green tropical plants await you just inside the front door to our office. Look up and you will see a Staghorn Fern that is more than 60 years old and hangs just off the lobby balcony. At the top of the stairs, a hand-painted tropical mural graces the lobby and wraps around to the radiograph room and Dr. Speck’s office. Sit in our treatment room chairs and go under the sea with our colorful ocean-life light covers.

Wall of Teeth

Behind the front desk is a floor-to-ceiling wall of models from a portion of our past patients. Many of our patients and their families have fun looking at the before and after models, guaranteed to make you smile! Models of our current patients are in a similar case in the treatment room. Try to see if you can recognize yours!


For your reading pleasure, our office offers a wide range of magazines. Read up on the latest business and sports news, the most beautiful vacation spots, high-end fashion trends, and home decorating ideas. We pride ourselves in offering the most popular magazines for all ages. If you see an article you’d like to keep, ask the front desk, and we will photocopy the article for you to take home.

Auction Vouchers

We believe it is a privilege to support our patients and neighboring communities, and, in our own way, improving quality of life is part of what we do. Dr. Speck enjoys furthering this aim by donating $1,000.00 treatment vouchers to auctions that positively impact our patients and improve our environment. During the 2016-2017 school year, our office donated auction vouchers to 32 schools, organizations, and religious institutions. If you would like for us to donate to your auction this year, please contact our office today!

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